HAZZARDS Proposed Planning Laws for NSW a Hazard

The NSW State Government is not listening to the people of NSW about its proposed new planning laws which give big developers a free kick and shut out opportunity for you to object to that three storey block of flats proposed for next door.

The first thing you’ll know about it is when the bulldozer moves in to begin work early one Monday morning.

The Minister for Planning is about to give himself enormous powers which will override virtually anything and everything. (Transcript from NSW Hansard……….read and see how the Minister responds to questions.  How would you rate accountability?) The economic imperative comes before anything else.  Stuff the environment.  Stuff the people.  Stuff our quality of life.

The Better Planning Network with more than 400 affiliated bodies has been very active in putting well-thought-out views about the proposed new laws but the government doesn’t seem to be listening.  Here is the BPN’s latest media release:

Capture BPN 1 media releaseCapture BPN media release 2

It is time for us all to step up to the mark and object to these draconian new measures.

ICAC has indicated the new laws will increase the potential for corruption.

There is a petition circulating at present from the Better Planning Network which deserves support:



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