Where’s the Evidence Minister Hazzard To Support Your Claim?

Planning Minister Brad Hazzard’s claim that ‘a lot of the groups don’t agree with each other’ in their submissions on his new planning system needs to be substantiated by the Minister especially in light of the recent independent analysis instigated by the  Better Planning Network.  The BPN represents more than 420 groups across NSW.

The analysis showed remarkable consistency among disparate stakeholder groups as discussed in the media release from BPN shown below:

The take-home message seems to be that the Minister’s claim just doesn’t stack up.  There is broad-based concern about  his defective planning bills for which he has no answer other than the old chestnut about ‘people not agreeing’.  So where is the evidence for this claim Minister?  Where is the evidence!  Your legislation and your credibility are on the line.

In view of the concern expressed by the ICAC about the potential for the new legislation to lead to corruption and the broad-based consensus that his plans suck, the Minister needs to take his head out of the sand and fix the problem pronto.  Particular attention needs to be paid to addressing the broad themes set out in the independent analysis.  Nothing less will do.

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