NSW State Budget Benefit to Richmond Valley, A Big FAT ZERO

The NSW Treasurer delivered the State Budget tonight for 2014/2015

VWD thought it would take up the NSW Government’s invitation to see what project ‘benefit’ came to the Valley of Surprises, the Richmond Valley local government area, so we clicked on the “MAPPING THE BUDGET” square at the bottom of the Budget Home Page shown below


Home page of 2014/2015 NSW Budget.  VWD clicked on Mapping the Budget and……wait for it….

And here’s what we found, a BIG FAT ZERO.  Nothing, zilch, zip.   Can’t do much worse than that.  I guess the big fat special rate variation of 39.1% gifted to us by the State Government is our prize.

So why the picture of the dead parrot at the head of this story?  Richmond Valley Council’s logo is a parrot.  Need we say more!

here's what we found!

here’s what we found:  ZERO, a big fat 0

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