Richmond Valley Council Squanders Ratepayer Funds on New Entry Signs and Banners

Richmond Valley Council continues to squander hard-earned ratepayer funds, this time on new entry signs to towns and villages, and banners.

Shown below is part of one of the newly constructed banners at Evans Head which tells us it is Richmond Valley Council.  It’s as if council, like a big alpha male, has to visually pee all over everything to tell visitors and us they own us.

Yep, you’re at Evans Head now and Richmond Valley Council owns Evans Head.  We’ve just told you.  And as you walk down the street you can be reminded again and again and again.  I guess this is a clear message to Ballina to keep its  hands off Evans Head!

Riveting new logo.  Whatever happened to council's lovely parrot?

Riveting new logo. Whatever happened to council’s lovely parrot? Now this looks just like Evans Head. VWD recognised it straight away in the form and colour.  Give us a break.  What a waste of money!

According to a report in the Northern Star, Richmond Valley Council’s advertising agency, council is putting up 13 new solar-powered entry signs at a cost of $250,000 or $19,230 per sign.

Now there’s money well spent!  And the energy saving to go with it.  Wow, a coloured triangle that solar power lights up at night. Richmond Valley Council is really going ‘green’.  What ever happened to coal seam gas lighting!

Ratepayers were excluded from the whole process of deciding what should be at the entrance to our towns and villages which virtually guarantees a lack of ownership on the part of ratepayers in spite of what the general manager says about it bringing pride, etc to the community.  What nonsense.

Despite the best efforts of the general manager to bring some meaning to the otherwise meaningless but colourful triangles which characterise the new look, VWD is hard-pressed to understand how a council, which claims it has no money for infrastructure, is able to find a quarter million to waste on entry signs.

Richmond Valley Council really differentiates itself in the market place with colourful upside down triangles that vary in colour scheme from location to location.

This should really help economic growth and put food in the mouths of the 20% of residents who live below the poverty line (NATSEM stats) and the more than 40% who are experiencing rent stress.

What is this misguided council doing with our money?

The problem is made worse by the introduction of six new banner poles in Oak Street Evans Head.  So how much did these little numbers cost us and whose idea was it?

So what does all this mean?  A banner telling us that the sign is Richmond Valley Made? and a bloke at the end of a fishing pole. Wow.  For a lot less money you can go to the beach and watch someone fishing.

So what does all this mean? A banner telling us that the sign is Richmond Valley Made with the paint falling off already and a bloke at the end of a fishing pole with an armpit that’s on fire. Terrific.  VWD could sit there for hours watching the banners blow in the breeze.  For a lot less money you can go to the beach and watch a real person fishing.

The homogenisation of Richmond Valley Council using crass, outdated, meaningless, expensive, derivative, rubbish advertising damages the unique Valley Brand which is us.

We don’t need poles and solar powered triangles to tell people who we are and that we have pride.  People visit because we are NOT like the other coastal towns which have the same sort of generic visual pollution dreamt up by this out-of-touch council.

Stop Yuppifying Evans Head at our expense.

PS  By the way THE TRIANGLE has been around in the Richmond Valley area for a long time.  It was the name of a newspaper edited by the late Mrs Jean Hartam-Bayes that covered Evans Head, Woodburn, Broadwater and Coraki for 21 years.  Now that paper was good and it didn’t let the council of the time off the hook about anything.  The Richmond River Sun had a similar quality.   There is no comparison with the current branding triangle of Richmond Valley Council.








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